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Letter Learning (3-4 Years old Adult/Child)

Through guided interaction with one of our Reading Specialists or certified teachers, parents and children work together on fun and interactive reading and writing activities that help develop knowledge and understanding of how letters are used and how they are important for learning to read and write.

This twelve-week program is designed to be an adult/child class that uses fun letter-learning activities that we have successfully conducted in our studio for the past 15 years.  We translated these classroom activities into fun instructional time that parents, grandparents or caregivers can try with the teachers during letter-learning sessions and then practice at home with the children.

Each session begins with the explanation of a learning objective and consists of two reading or writing lessons that help the kids work towards meeting the objective.  All necessary supplies and lesson cards to conduct the activities will be provided and at the end of each session, parents get to take home the lesson books and supplies to practice and get ready for next week’s activities. Kids have a fun time playing the "games" that are intended to teach them letter names, shapes, and sounds. We think parents will be thrilled to have a means of teaching their children how to read without having to spend hours researching on their own and searching the house or buying all the supplies needed to work with their children outside of school.

Once complete, children will be saying letter names and sounds; recognizing written letters; writing upper and lower case letters; and reading and writing some words.

Since you get so much stuff with this class, kids will get their very own drawstring bag and tote to carry and store all the lessons and supplies.


2019-2020 School Year Schedule:

Neighborhood Lit:

Monday 12:00-12:45


Thursday 10:00-10:45

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