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Grades 1-6

Older students are encouraged to continue their development of literacy skills through word work study, comprehension instruction, and writing practice. Skills and strategy coaching in these areas of literacy include phonic knowledge, word patterns, chunking, and word attack; using before, during, and after-reading strategies such as previewing, predicting, visualizing, making inferences, summarizing, self-monitoring, etc.; spelling; vocabulary; word choice when speaking and writing; paragraph and essay structure; and using The Writing Process to improve writing skills. Even as kids get older, they still enjoy moving around and playing games while they learn.

Through the use of motivating games and group support from their peers, the kids will continue to develop good reading and writing habits in a risk-free environment that allows the practice of targeted skills and strategies while also encouraging their continued use in school and at home. First through sixth-grade workshop classes are offered during the school year from September to June with open enrollment at any time and during our summer session.

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