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Summer Virtual - 1st Grade

Focusing on our newest readers to keep their newly acquired reading and writing skills strong, these classes use fun games and motivating hands-on activities to practice and build upon literacy skills and move them confidently into first grade.  

Weekly reading and writing lesson objectives focus on:

  • Vowel review
  • Reading words with blends, digraphs, long vowels, silent e, double consonants
  • Sight word recognition, spelling, and word wall use
  • Using spelling strategies
  • Writing words and sentences
  • Using a Writer’s Checklist
  • Paragraph writing and much more.  

Summer sessions include students of all reading levels and help the students make personal gains in their literacy skills.  Caregivers will also be included in this process through the use of weekly newsletters and at-home activities in reading, writing, and sight word practice to encourage the kids to use their greatest resource to help them practice and improve their skills outside of the classroom.

Summer Schedule and Class Dates

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