Welcome to Neighborhood Lit.!

Billing and Missed Class Policy

Thank you for choosing Neighborhood Lit. for your child’s literacy enrichment program. Classes are scheduled September through June and you may join at any time. In-person classes meet once a week and virtual classes meet twice a week.

Enrollment is limited to no more than six students per in-person session and virtual sessions are one-on-one. As a result of this small student/teacher ratio, many of our classes are filled and therefore, closed to other students who wish to attend a particular day and time.

During your enrollment, you will be billed monthly and payment is due upon receipt of the invoice or no later than the 1st day of each month. Monthly payments are based on a school year enrollment period and already take into account any holiday or seasonal breaks as listed on the school-year schedule. Any payment not received by the date due will be automatically charged to the credit card held on file by Neighborhood Lit.

For any classes missed due to student illness or extenuating circumstances, we require at least 24-hour notice that your child will not be attending a particular class. While we understand that children can get sick suddenly and are unable to attend a class, we still request that you notify us prior to the class that your child will be missing. All classes missed with notification as described above can be “made up” during the time you are enrolled as a student and within two (2) weeks of the missed class by prearranging a make-up session with Miss Janice. Make-up sessions will be offered during another class time for the same or comparable age group where appropriate modifications will be made to accommodate your child’s grade and ability levels.

Classes not scheduled for make-up or not “made up” within the two-week period or during enrollment will be considered a forfeiture of the missed session. Make-up classes will be offered both in-person and virtually.

In the event any classes are cancelled due to a Neighborhood Lit. cancellation (i.e. weather related, unforeseeable circumstances, etc.), a make-up session will be offered at your convenience within thirty (30) days during another class time for the same or comparable age group or during an independent time mutually agreeable between the student and Miss Janice. Unfortunately, we cannot give class credits or refunds for missed classes and they will not be applied towards future monthly payments or summer class tuition. Missed classes without notification are considered “no shows” and will be considered a forfeiture of the missed session.

NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN FOR ANY REASON. We require at least one month’s notice prior to your last day of class if you will be withdrawing from our program and any payments due will be charged to your credit card held on file.

If you have any questions related to this billing and class make-up policy, please do not hesitate to contact Janice Migliazza to discuss.

Thank you!