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Summer - 4th/5th/6th Grade

Using a playful learning style our older students don’t always see used in their classrooms at school, hands-on games and activities are incorporated to keep the kids motivated to read and write all summer long.  

Summer objectives include:

  • Instruction and skills practice in the areas of comprehension (active reading, self-awareness, making connections, identifying the main idea, note taking, compare and contrast, making inferences, collecting vocabulary, visualizing)
  • Writing (better word choice, sentence writing, using the writing process, paragraph writing, planning and organizing, writing essays, exploring poetry).  

The teacher and kids create their own small group of cooperative learners that work together to support and help each other in a risk-free environment while placing value on positive experiences that can come from reading and writing tasks.  Weekly newsletters and at-home work help to keep the kids reading and writing all summer long and provide excellent opportunity for them to share and collaborate with their caregivers and other learners.

Summer Schedule and Class Dates

Register here or by contacting Janice Migliazza 732.625.1111 or janice@neighborhoodlit.com