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October 16, 2020 2 min read

We all know that this is a stressful time for everyone right now, particularly for our children.  Not only are they trying to adapt to the academic challenges of remote learning, but they are also likely to feel anxious about everything else that is happening in our world without the same social/emotional  support they once had.  It is imperative that we help our children figure out healthy ways to soothe their worries which is why it’s the perfect time for them to try journaling!

Some of the many mental health benefits of journaling include reduced anxiety and depression, clearer thinking and improved memory. Writing about the events of the day can help children process their thoughts and feelings about them.  Not to mention the additional advantage of recording this period in time.  We are living in a moment in history that future generations will want to know about and journaling can help deepen their understanding from a first hand account.  From an educational perspective, one of the most important advantages of journaling is that it will motivate kids of all ages to write: younger kids can draw pictures and use invented spelling while older kids can elaborate with more detail and insight.

There are a few guidelines and tips to follow that will help ensure that the journaling process is therapeutic and constructive: 

  • Privacy:  First and foremost, journaling should be private.  Children need to feel that they can write whatever they want without the eyes and judgment of anyone else. Parents must respect their children’s privacy and should not interfere unless asked by their child.

  • Materials:  Write in whatever form you want - pen and paper, special notebook, laptop, etc.

  • Location:  Pick a place that is quiet and allows for reflection without interruption.

  • Write Often:  Adhere to a writing schedule.  Make it a point to write for at least 10 minutes every day (set a timer if you want) or several days a week.  This will help make journaling a routine.

Journaling is a simple habit that children (and adults) can use as an effective way to help manage stress.  In this day and age, it is especially valuable to develop healthy coping skills that will support our children’s mental well-being.  

For extra information on the benefits of journaling as well as some writing prompts and strategies, please visit: https://positivepsychology.com/benefits-of-journaling/

Any questions?  Please email us at Janice@Neighborhoodlit.com.  Taylor Burke is a teacher and Director of Communications at Neighborhood Lit. and works closely with Janice Migliazza, a Reading Specialist and owner of Neighborhood Lit, Route 34, Colts Neck to bring you this information.