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April 29, 2022 2 min read

Believe it or not, summer will be here soon enough so it’s time to start planning ahead to prevent the “Summer Slide”. Summer Slide refers to the tendency for children to lose some of the knowledge they learned during the school year over the summer.  It is especially important this year because many children are still lagging behind academically from remote learning due to the Pandemic (“the Coronavirus Slide”).  *In fact, in a 5-year study that analyzed data from about 18 million primary school-aged children, researchers found that 52% of them showed summer learning loss in literacy across all 5 years and this was BEFORE the Pandemic. Although the school shutdowns caused by Covid-19 are over, schools are still struggling to get back to normal and there is a legitimate concern over how to address the severe loss of learning that occurred during this time. *However, according to research done by the Brookings Institution, interventions such as tutoring and summer learning programs can help students begin to close that learning gap and get back on track. 

We are ready at Neighborhood Lit to provide support and instruction this summer that will help prevent your child from the summer slide and prepare them for the 2022-23 school year. To sign up for our summer classes, please visit our website athttps://neighborhoodlit.com/collections/summer-reading or emailus atJanice@Neighborhoodlit.com Let’s beat the summer slide together!

Any questions?  Please email us at Janice@Neighborhoodlit.com.  Taylor Burke is a teacher and Director of Communications at Neighborhood Lit. and works closely with Janice Migliazza, a Reading Specialist and owner of Neighborhood Lit, Route 34, Colts Neck to bring you this information.

*Atteberry, Allison, and Andrew McEachin. “School’s Out: The Role of Summers in Understanding Achievement Disparities.” American Educational Research Journal 58, no. 2 (2020): 239–82. https://doi.org/10.3102/0002831220937285.