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December 04, 2020 2 min read

The end of 2020 is almost here and we are all probably happy to say good-bye to it. However, the last two months of the year also mean the beginning of the holiday season.  Normally this would include visiting with friends and family near and far.  Yet, once again, COVID will impact the way we are able to spend time with our loved ones over the holidays.  Instead of being together, many of us will be staying at home so it is extra important to find ways to stay connected with each other.  Even though many children know how to use technology for remote learning or social media, they may not be as familiar or adept at using it to stay in touch with their relatives.  Therefore, we’d like to offer a few different literary-focused ways for children to use technology to bond with friends and family when they can’t be together. 

  • Use Email:  Although most adults and many older children use email on a regular basis, younger children are often unfamiliar with it so this holiday season is the perfect time to teach them about email. You can set up an account for them or let them use your email address. Email provides an opportunity to go over letter writing mechanics like the greeting/closing, spelling, punctuation, etc.  Encourage them to provide details and ask questions so that they can maintain regular correspondence with their family members.

  • Write a Letter:  Writing a good old-fashioned letter has all the same benefits as writing an email except it also allows for a little more creativity. Children can use a variety of  stationery, draw pictures, use stickers and other art materials and even practice  handwriting.  Personalized notecards or stationery also make great gifts!

  • Zoom/FaceTime Read Alouds:  Pick a book to read to each other over FaceTime or Zoom. What a great way for grandparents to participate in story time before bed! Not only will your children get to bond with them, but they can also use the opportunity to practice and show off their own reading skills.  You can also mix it up by reading  something your child wrote whether it is a poem or a book that they have created. 

  • Start a Book Club:  Take the Zoom/FaceTime Read Aloud one step further by starting a book club. This is a great way to get older kids involved. Take turns picking a book and then meet to discuss it virtually. Many books have book discussion guides or questions to help facilitate the conversation.  

Social distancing and staying at home may be a part of the holidays this year, but these ideas can help us stay connected no matter how far apart we may be or feel.  Making an effort to stay in touch shows that you care and that is the perfect gift for anyone this holiday season.  

Any questions?  Please email us at Janice@Neighborhoodlit.com.  Taylor Burke is a teacher and Director of Communications at Neighborhood Lit. and works closely with Janice Migliazza, a Reading Specialist and owner of Neighborhood Lit, Route 34, Colts Neck to bring you this information.