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April 26, 2019 2 min read

Every year the kids bring home their lists of sight words and are asked to learn them to read and to spell.  Students need to recognize these words because they are regularly encountered when reading and may not follow usual decoding rules.  Sight words are vital to reading success, but let’s admit it…flashcards are boring! Instead, write the words on index cards, punch a hole, and keep them on a metal word ring.  Your kids are now armed with a dynamic sight word fun pack that will be loads of fun. Remove the cards and try this:

    • Play Slap Happy.  Lay out the cards on a table and name a word.  The kids slap down on the word card as fast as they can.  Repeat for all the words.
    • Go on a Word Hunt.  Hide the cards in a room while the kids aren’t looking.  Ask them to find the hidden words, read them, and write them.
    • Make Sentences.  Lay out the cards on the floor and move them around to make sentences.  Fill in the blank words using post-it notes. Read, write, and illustrate the created sentences.
    • Spell in Shaving Cream.  Use a smooth surface such as a tabletop or the bathroom wall while in the tub or shower.  The kids spread a layer of shaving cream and use their finger to spell the words. (This is a kid favorite activity in our studio and you and your kids will love it!)
    • Make Puzzles.  Use the sight words and make a word search or make word puzzles by cutting apart the word letter-by-letter in a puzzle pattern to put back together.

Once you start having some fun, you will find the learning will come and they will definitely improve their sight word vocabulary.