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Fall and Winter at Neighborhood Lit. is a busy time as kids get back to school and come here to build up, enhance or advance their reading and writing skills. All classes are currently open but fill up quickly once school starts. 

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Letter Learning (3+)

A step before our Pre-K program, Letter Learning is an adult/child program designed to have parents and 3-4 year olds working together learning letter names, sounds and shapes.

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Pre-K (3-4 Years)

An overall introduction into the world of literacy for our youngest students with emphasis on letters, phonemic awareness skills, oral and written language, and gaining interest in the literate world around them.

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K-Enrichment & Advanced

A kindergarten supplement with above grade-level instruction in the areas of blending and word attack, sight words, motivated reading, comprehension at the word level and beyond, spelling, and writing.

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K-Readiness (4-5 Years)

A focus on the year before kindergarten to prepare for future reading and writing skills and strategy use with instruction in letter/sound relationships, phonemic awareness skills, early reading, and beginning writing.

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Grades 1-6

A continuation of literacy development with concentration on word work (word attack, phonic study), comprehension (strategy use and critical thinking), and writing (spelling, mechanics, paragraph and essay structure, writing product).

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Why Neighborhood Lit?

We make learning fun!! Neighborhood Lit.'s innovative approach uses reading and writing strategies that we created exclusively for our students that use games and interactive activities to teach kids of all ages to become amazing readers and writers.

We would be honored to help you build a literacy-rich home environment and become your trusted source for reading and writing instruction. We’ve helped thousands of kids and families build this foundation over the past 15 years and we’d love for you to stop in and see what a difference Neighborhood Lit. can make!

Strong reading and writing skills are critically important in academic and social environments and research has shown that the earlier children are exposed to reading and writing the stronger readers and writers they will be. Research over the past 30 years has also shown that children are more effective learners when they are in an environment that is fun and motivating.

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